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    2023.02.21 NCing

    NCSOFT Unveils First Trailer for New Brawl Action Battle Game – ‘Battle Crush’

    Confirms Project R’s official title as ‘Battle Crush’ – a multi-platform game for Nintendo Switch, Steam, and mobile

    Showcases gameplay footage unveiling its casual graphics as well as exciting action with simple, fast-paced gameplay, expecting a global release in 2023

    NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, today unveiled the first trailer for the company’s new brawl battle action title, ‘Battle Crush’.

    NCSOFT confirmed Project R’s official title as Battle Crush. Expecting a global launch this year, Battle Crush is a multi-platform title available for Nintendo Switch, Steam, and mobile.

    Battle Crush is NCSOFT’s first brawl battle action genre title. Up to 30 players can join the battle with the last-man-standing type of gameplay. It features a casual battle design and simple controls, coupled with unpredictable brawl battles amplifying the fun.

    The trailer included a series of action-packed gameplay footage showcasing its fast-paced battles and casual graphics. It also showed sneak peeks of its in-game characters such as Poseidon, Urus, and Lops from Greek & Roman Mythology, reinterpreted with casual visuals.

    Hyungsuk Kang, head of Battle Crush development team, said, “Battle Crush is well-blended with exciting actions, attractive and endearing characters, as well as party-based battles that everyone can enjoy.” He also added, “We will bring its unique battle actions to global players around the world via various devices and platforms.”

    NCSOFT unveils new projects of various genres in development as part of NCing, the company’s open R&D initiative. More NCing content is available on NCSOFT’s official YouTube channel.