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    2022.06.13 ESG

    Responsible Actions of DOGURI that Care for Our Environment

    MZ generation puts emphasis in value realization for a sustainable society, including high interest in ‘environment’ related issues. ‘DOGURI’, a character that depicts ones that are just starting out in a career representing the mind of MZ generation has also been conducting meaningful activities in both online and offline based on its continuous interest in the environment. In this article, we intend to look into three responsible actions of DOGURI that care for our environment.

    Responsible unboxing for environment, eco-friendly packing material of DOGURI

    Garbage from parcel service packaging such as styrofoam box, ice pack, and vinyl buffer is pointed out as a major cause of environmental pollution. Accordingly, *644 official online store uses paper as parcel service packing material for delivery that is more beneficial to people and environment. DOGURI’s eco-friendly packing materials consist of paper box, paper tape, paper bag and paper buffer.

    * Studio 644 is an independent creative space started from NC’s Character House division. In January 2021, it began its full-fledged activities by unveiling DOGURI character with the motif on a Looting Raccoon, the monster of Lineage2M.

    Eco-friendly packing materials being used at the 644 official online store

    Upcycling, creating new values from wastes

    DOGURI not only conveys pleasure to people through goods reflecting brilliant ideas, but also constantly produces ‘upcycling’ products considering the environmen

    Eco pick-pick bag (Left), DOGURI pattern socks (Right)

    DOGURI has launched ‘DOGURI X PLEATS MAMA Eco pick-pick bag’ in collaboration with ‘PLEATS MAMA’, a brand that has built resource circulation ecosystem. Eco pick-pick bag is made from recycled yarn. The recycled yarn is made through a series of processes of crushing Jeju’s waste PET bottles into small flakes and processing them into polyester chips. Four waste PET bottles with a capacity of 500ml were utilized to make one Eco pick-pick bag. The Eco pick-pick bag is eco-friendly in the way that there is no remnant fabric that is discarded because it is molded and knitted one by one instead of cutting and sewing fabric collectively woven.

    In addition to the Eco pick-pick bag, DOGURI launched ‘DOGURI pattern socks’ made with recycled yarn extracted from waste PET bottles.

    Since Eco pick-pick bag and DOGURI pattern socks contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and waste landfill, and minimize negative effects on human body and nature by saving petroleum resources, they can be representative upcycling products.

    Aiming to spread DOGURI’s sincerity for the environment more widely

    DOGURI’s sincerity is not limited to the production of eco-friendly products. DOGURI conducted What’s in your pocketcampaign on June 5, 2021, in commemoration of the Environment Day. This campaign is an event to present Eco pick-pick bag and DOGURI’s self-produced products such as ‘Zero Waste Kit’ to randomly drawn consumers that post items that practice eco-friendly life such as tumblers, handkerchiefs, and eco-friendly dish scrubbers in their bag on SNS.

     What’s in your pocketcampaign held in commemoration of 2021 Environment Day

    Zero waste is a compound word of ‘zero’ meaning number ‘0’ and ‘waste’ meaning garbage, which means an eco-friendly trend encouraging the reuse of all products and focused on preventing waste. DOGURI Zero Waste Kit consists of Various eco-friendly items such as bamboo toothbrushes, diatomite toothbrush holder, and cotton handkerchief considering the environment.

    DOGURI’s self-produced Zero Waste Kit

    DOGURI delivered the ‘DOGURI Eco Team Certificate’ to those who participated in the event, encouraging them to continue their interest in eco-friendly life even after the campaign ended.

    In the hope that good thoughts reach more people

    DOGURI is putting efforts to carry out various endeavors and communication with the theme of environment. DOGURI will continue these efforts and good thoughts for the environment and a sustainable society.