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    2022.09.05 The Game Art

    Lineage W | My City of Splendor, Giran

    The third episode of <Lineage W>, “3rd Episode: Giran” was updated. Even in the previous version, Giran was an enormous field where players could easily get lost and offered lots of things to enjoy.

    NC depicted Giran as a large-scale field, embedding original narratives and designs in various areas. This time, <The Game Art> post will release concept images of various areas in Giran and in-game 3D images. Let’s have a look at the project’s background and the visuals of Giran where the atmosphere of commercial area that is full of energy and the darkness of slum coexist.

    Giran Castle

    Giran Castle is the most representative architecture in Giran, which is called as ‘the city of splendid wealth’. The castle boasts the breathtaking scale and wealth even from its entrance. The huge sea and the port surrounding the castle shows the concept of Giran as a trade hub.

    Concept image of the castle’s entrance

    In-game image of the castle’s entrance

    Giran Castle Village

    ‘Giran Castle Village’ is where the two images of a splendid commercial city and a slum, the other dark side of the city, coexist. Since it is a place for residents to live in, we tried to depict their lives in as much details as possible. Various scenes including those of fishers delivering fish in the port located in the outskirt of the village, whale auction, and a cat wandering around the fishing village were depicted in a lively manner.

    Preview of Giran Castle and Giran Castle Village

    Concept image of Giran Castle Village

    Giran Castle Village – Concept image of Giran Harbor

    Giran Castle Village – In-game image of Giran Harbor

    Giran Castle Village – In-game image of a whale auction in Giran Harbor

    Giran Castle Village – In-game image of a small marketplace

    The “Festival Square” located inside the village was depicted in an even more lively manner. There is a circus, chess-playing area, and others in the square, and the villagers that are tormented by heavy taxes drop by in an attempt to forget about their difficult lives for a moment.

    Giran Castle Village – In-game image of “Festival Square”

    Giran Castle Village – In-game image of the chess-playing area

    Giran Castle Village – In-game image of the dog-fight area

    Beggar village

    When a player walks southwest of Giran Castle, they may face a devastating environment hidden beyond the splendid city. The unwell homeless people of the beggar village and the rundown buildings were depicted bluntly in contrast to the glamorous city.

    Actually, this is a realm of the “Beggar King”, the best information trader in Giran. The slum residents are information traders that are disguised as beggars and are subordinates of the Beggar King. They trade highly confidential information that cannot be obtained anywhere else and use the profits from trading for the sake of poor people.

    Giran – In-game image of the Beggar Village

    Abandoned Castle Ruins

    The “Abandoned Castle Ruins” is the ruins of an old castle in Giran. There is no light in the ruins, and the ruins give out eerie vibes. The ghosts of the ancient kings that could never let go of past glories wander around the place. Destroyed buildings are located here and there, adding to the creepy feeling.

    Giran – Preview of the Abandoned Castle Ruins

    Shadow Stronghold

    The “Shadow Stronghold” is the stronghold of bandits that have joined hands with the traitor and loot the village. The Shadow Stronghold stands precariously on a steep cliff and is designed to have a secretive atmosphere, being surrounded by thick fog.

    Shadow Stronghold - Preview

    Pirate’s Grave

    The “Pirate’s Grave” is a grave of fallen ships that are full of cursed undeads. The place was supposed to be a port, but it became ruins as the cursed undeads were gathered.

    Pirate’s Grave - Preview

    Cursed Siren

    A player may find the Cursed Siren when heading south from the Pirate’s Grave. The place was created after the cursed undead pirates were stuck in the ship, Siren. The dark background without any dim of light and the precarious state of the ship that is fallen apart enhance the feeling of anxiety.

    Cursed Siren Area 1 – Preview

    Cursed Siren Area 3 – Preview

    Cursed Siren Area 4 – Preview

    Wind Dragon’s Nest

    This an area where monsters rampage under influence of Wind Dragon. The dragon bones scattered here and there and the valleys rising high in bizarre shapes imply the fact that the area is full of risks.

    The Wind Dragon’s Nest – Preview

    Lightening area in the Wind Dragon’s Nest - Preview

    Dyar, the head of Evant clan, used to be a human being but was turned into a half-human-and-half-dragon hybrid after going through a series of events. Dyar was designed in a way to give the viewers some sense of intimidation as a field boss through his hands resembling dragon heads, menacing horns, and gigantic dragon wings.

    The Fallen Dyar in the Wind Dragon’s Nest – Concept image