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    2022.08.12 Our Way

    NC Blog Transformed into a New Brand Media ‘NC PLAY’

    NC’s official blog has transformed into a new brand media named ‘NC PLAY’. The site’s address has also been changed to about.ncsoft.com. Going forward, ‘NC PLAY’ will provide new brand experience by sharing behind-the-scenes, technology know-hows, corporate culture of NC in various forms including interactive, vertical contents and collaboration campaigns.

    Explore the main features of ‘NC PLAY’ below and stay tuned for new and informative contents to be shared on ‘NC PLAY’.  

    ‘NC PLAY’ Main Features

    #1. Main page separated into two layers: ‘PLAY’ and ‘NEWS’

    Navigate the two main pages at the top of the screen: ‘PLAY’ and ‘NEWS’. In the ‘PLAY’ tab, users can experience creative and experimental content made by NC including videos, interactive novels, PLAY projects. In the ‘NEWS’ tab, we provide the latest news of NC’s R&D, behind-the-scenes in game development, interviews in article formats.

    #2. Explore Interactive Features by Tapping the Screen

    A new interactive feature has been added where users can touch the mobile screen to view the next content in a story format. Experience NC’s original interactive contents including PLAY NOVEL and NC PLAY PROJECT.

    Please note that the touch function is optimized for the mobile device. On PC, click on the arrow to move to the next story. You can move on to the next series of content by clicking on the vertical arrow.

    #3. Enjoy NC’s Films in a Wider Screen

    Users can watch various formats of videos in a vertical/horizontal viewer on any type of device.

    #4. Read NC’s Original Featured Series At a Glance

    At the ‘FEATURED’ page of the ‘NEWS’ tab, users can read original featured series that shares NC’s values and capacities from a new perspective. A variety of series are prepared including The Originality (an interview series of NC’s global employees), Science to the Future (a series that views science and technology as a source of joy), Art Lab (a series that shares the behind scenes of NC’s visual R&D process).

    #5. Experience PLAY in Global Pages

    The global pages (English/Japanese/Taiwanese/Vietnamese) have also been renewed. Stay tuned for more PLAY and NEWS contents that will be released in global languages moving forward.