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    2022.03.25 Culture & Values

    Creating a World Where Everyone is Connected by Joy | Company daycare center of NCSOFT ‘Laughing Peanut,’ Hyomi Lim

    NC strives to respect diversity when developing games and fostering an in-house culture. In the Women's History Month of March, we are introducing female employees of NC who are taking action to spread this culture.

    This episode narrates Lim Hyo-mi, the director of NCSOFT’s company daycare center ‘Laughing Peanut’, which received the highest evaluation from relevant government evaluations. This is the story of how she made an effort to create a space where children can be happy, beyond simply satisfying the requirement of having a childcare facility at the company.

    Illustration by Sofie Lee

    A virtuous cycle of developing a happy community with company welfare

    “The happiness of children and families leads to cheerful mood at work, and it further brings joy to the world.” Under this philosophy, NC R&D Center opened the first Laughing Peanut around 9 years ago. There was a special meaning behind the decision to use the company's spacious and good space for children. The reason Laughing Peanut started was to alleviate the burden of employees who are having difficulties in balancing family and work. If the daycare center had been merely regarded as a welfare facility for employees, the present Laughing Peanut may not have existed.

    Beyond the role of welfare that helps children, Laughing Peanut focuses on making a happy community by providing the best space and curriculum for children to grow stress. It is because we believe that when children grow with a joyful attitude in Laughing Peanut, employees of the children work well without having to worry about them, leading to happy community. So, when designing the daycare center’s space 9 years ago, we researched cases from various countries and went through several revisions to create a space where children can freely observe and explore, which can encourge them to imagine.

    Just as important as the space and curriculum of the daycare center is the role of the teachers who lives closest to the children. In order to ensure that teachers are satisfied and enjoy taking care of children, we spared a research and relaxation area for teachers to take care of their children happily. In addition, we are providing meticulous support, such as establishing a system where teachers can participate in various activities, receive educational support, and take a rest. We will do our best to help both children and teachers to maintain Laughing Peanut that grow with full of happy mood as they have it now.

    Laughing Peanut has a culture of respect and consideration for children at the base of all operations, creating an environment in which all children are respected without discrimination. It may play a positive role in enhancing children's confidence and self-esteem.

    A harmonious society can be created only when our children, the future generations, see the world with an unbiased mind and perspective and broaden their understanding of each other's differences and diverse perspectives. One of Laughing Peanut’s goals is to provide a foundation for children to grow into adults who respect diversity regardless of race, physical condition, or nationality. Children who grow in this culture will become adults who respect diversity and will contribute to the creation of a happy world free from discrimination.

    Laughing Peanut recently opened its second daycare center in March. The opening of the second school also may imply NCSOFT’s interest, support, and effort towards the daycare center. I am personally honored and happy to be able to be with the beginning of both daycare centers.

    The reason I was able to be with Laughing Peanut for nearly 10 years was because I was not alone. We have been able to come this far because the company, parents, and our teachers all thought about the daycare with one heart and one accord. Through everyone’s support, I was able to do my best without worrying about the childcare environment, programs, and food.

    Laughing Peanut puts great importance on sustainability. This means good ingredients are used in the food regardless of who cooks it. The quality of education will not change depending on the teacher because the education system is well established. The management system is well equipped so that the quality of operation be maintained even if the director changes.

    We will continue to do our best to make Laughing Peanut that children can enjoy and teachers can take pride in. We hope that Laughing Peanut’s philosophy and operating policy will have a good influence on other organizations as well. Our journey will continue in the hope that happy children, happy parents, and happy employees can build happy families and contribute to society.

    Hyomi Lim

    Director of Laughing Peanut, Company Daycare Center of NCSOFT