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    2021.08.13 Press Release

    NCSOFT Becomes the First Gaming Company in Korea to Release Sustainability Report

    NCSOFT revealed visions of ESG management centered on diversity & inclusion, global information security system, human-centered AI, and the future generation

    The report uncovers detailed initiatives and actions to strengthen each area, including governance, environment, and ethical management

    Songyee Yoon, the chairperson of ESG Steering Committee, said, “NCSOFT will embrace diversity in both inside and outside of our content and fulfill corporate social responsibilities”

    PANGYO, Korea (August 12, 2021) – NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, issued its sustainability report, titled ‘NCSOFT ESG PLAYBOOK 2020’, on August 12 to uncover the vision and performance of the company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management. NCSOFT has become the first gaming company in Korea to publish a sustainability report.

    NCSOFT has updated the corporate website, launching a new page for sustainable management, where the full text of the report (77 pages) was unveiled. The report offers a thorough look at the management goals and specific actions established upon the company’s core value, ‘PUSH, PLAY’.

    NCSOFT introduces the four visions of ESG management in the ‘PUSH for a Better Future’ section. The company is committed to implementing sustainable management activities centered on the four areas:
    - ‘Healthy organizational culture & unbiased joy’ to embrace more social diversity in both inside and outside of our content
    - ‘Trustworthy environment in providing global services’ to build global security system
    - ‘Technology development & ethical values’ to develop human-centered AI technology
    - ‘Providing opportunities to the future generation’ to enhance social quality and support the underprivileged

    The ‘PLAY for Sustainability’ section elaborates on detailed sustainable management performances. It highlights each of the following areas: ▲Establishing principles of corporate governance and ethics code, ▲Care for employees, ▲Communication with users, ▲Collaborative activity with local communities, and ▲Environmental management, including projects to reduce environmental impact and to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

    Dr. Songyee Yoon, the chairperson of ESG Steering Committee of NCSOFT, said, “In the process of releasing the company’s first sustainability report, we have contemplated in which part NCSOFT, as a high-technology R&D company, can take action sincerely. NCSOFT will constantly strive to embrace social diversity in both inside and outside of our content, also fulfilling corporate social responsibility required in the digital era.”

    In addition to the report, NCSOFT will continue to share its sustainable management activities through different channels, including the corporate blog. More information is available on the corporate website and blog.