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    2023.02.27 We Play

    Newbie NCers Become a New Part of “Us”

    In the first episode of WE PLAY (Last episode_link), we introduced the NC culture of enjoying work with the TAD Team. This is the second story, and we're about to show you the site of the NC Orientation for the new employees of the 2023 Open Recruitment.

    From January 2nd to 13th, 2023, our newbie NCers completed their 10-day training journey. The Orientation Program was designed to help new employees adapt to the organization, support them in building learning habits, and strengthen connections within the organization to establish a foundation for sustainable growth.

    The 2023 Orientation Program for Open Recruitment fully ignited the passion of the new employees by establishing growth modules through work, reorganizing group demonstrations, and providing various networking opportunities. Now, we wish to share with you the 10-day journey in two different episodes. In today's first episode, we will take a look at the week 1 training site for the newbie NCers.

    I Now Work Here! Getting to Know NC

    The special goods that the new employees of 23rd Open Recruitment received

    Facing the Company as an Insider

    First and foremost, the new employees had three days to understand NC as newbie NCers. For the first time, they stood as insiders, not outsiders, to acquire an understanding of the company's organization, system, values, and more.

    For this year, a new project related to ESG management was implemented. The project allowed new employees to design an ESG business strategy for themselves after listening to a 50-minute lecture on NC's ESG management. A guideline was given that the activity was meant for everyone to participate in, rather than being just a donation, with a focus on support for future generations, support for the regional society, and eco-friendliness.

    The new employees of the 23rd Open Recruitment were divided into ten teams, and each team planned and presented its own ESG business strategy program. Among them, the team that came up with a program for making and delivering Hope Kits for pediatric cancer patients ranked 3rd, and the team that came up with a job shadowing program at the NC company office for elementary students ranked 2nd.

    First place went to the team that planned a program for making and donating braille fairy tale books (tactile books). This program will be planned in detail by the ESG Management Team, and all new employees of the 23rd Open Recruitment will take part in it sometime in April.

    The NC Value – Made into Video, Saved in the Heart

    On the third day, the module was the NC Value Story. It was a time for each team to reinterpret the significance of the NC Value and produce a video based on the content.

    The ten teams each picked one of the five Value keywords and contemplated story-making. They wandered around the company building to shoot various genres of videos and shared their creations. This video-making activity turned into an opportunity for the new employees to internalize the NC Values.

    Beyond Playing, a Full-On Game-In

    A Time to Properly “Study” Games

    The fourth and fifth days of the training session consisted of lectures, talks, and review projects to understand what a "game" really is. During that time, the newbie NCers had the opportunity to learn more about the games that they once played for fun and reassess them from a new industry and work perspective.

    First, an outside expert gave a lecture on the flow, trend, and outlook of the game industry, then developers in the field held a lecture and talk about the game development process and collaborations.

    The new employees gave comments such as, “I was able to understand the overall transition of trends in the game industry,” “It was helpful to learn about the history of the game industry and the current state of games in different countries,” or “The talk on collaboration and communication was very impressive,” after listening to each lecture.

    Next up was a lecture from the Business Department — they talked about the definition and roles of NC’s game business, misunderstandings and the truth, important moments of the company, and more. The new NCers expressed opinions such as, "I gained a positive image of the business," "I was deeply inspired," or "It was a fun, helpful, and touching session" after the lecture.

    Review Game Experience, Establish a Vision

    The program at the heart of the 10-day training session was the game review project. It was designed to deepen the understanding of the latest trends and success factors in the gaming industry.

    This new project was implemented this year, improving upon the game production project from last year, which had differences in resource input per individual. The game review project was held from day 5 to day 7, with the goal of expanding the new employees' insights into the gaming industry.

    The new employees first listened to an hour-long lecture on game experience analysis, then set up a mobile game review plan for 15 hours over the two-week training period and organized the content of their play and review experiences. The ten teams were then divided into 20 teams, and they shared reviews on four different games and keywords. The four best review groups per game presented their content at the completion ceremony.

    So far, we have looked at 2023 New Employee Training Site Week 1. We were able to feel the passion of the newbie NCers standing at the starting line after participating in the improved Orientation Program. Next week, we will come back to share the vivid story of 2023 New Employee Training Site Week 2.