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    2022.03.31 Lineage Encyclopedia

    Lineage Monster Encyclopedia | Cerberus


    #Animal type

    A guard dog with three heads, defending the gate to the underworld ruled by Hades, the God of Death in Greek myths. Sometimes, they appear with a snake tale attached. They are one of the most well-known monsters appearing in various subcultures, including movies, animations, and games.

    Cerberus in popular culture

    Movie 〈Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone〉(2001): ‘Fluffy’ protecting the sorcerer’s stone looks the same as Cerberus.

    Game 〈Titan Quest: Immortal Throne〉: The 〈Titan Quest〉 series have ancient Egypt and Greek myths as a background, and players would meet the heroes of such times and defeat monsters. In 〈Titan Quest: Immortal Throne〉, an expansion pack, players would fight against the corrupt army of Hades. Players should defeat Cerberus, a guard dog that protects the entrance to the Hall of Judgment.

    TV animation 〈The Haunted House〉: Hyun-woo’s companion dog, Leo’s true self appearing from the sixth episode of 〈The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball〉 is Cerberus. Leo is a puppy came from hell to protect people from evil spirits, and its special move is called ‘Powerful Hell Fire’.

    Cerberus in Lineage

    In Fire Dragon’s Nest appearing in 〈Lineage Remaster〉 and 〈Lineage M〉, players may meet Soul Cerberus whose whole body is burning unlike other ordinary Cerberus.

    (clockwise from top left) 〈Lineage Remaster〉 Cerberus, 〈Lineage W〉 Magic doll Cerberus illustration, 〈Lineage M〉 Cerberus

    Cerberus Locations in Lineage

    〈Lineage Remaster〉: Training Dungeon, Tower of Insolence, Gludio Dungeon, Fire Dragon’s Nest

    〈Lineage M〉: Training Dungeon, Gludio Dungeon, Kent Dungeon, Tower of Insolence, Flame Dungeon, Fire Dragon’s Nest, Rift of the Otherworld

    〈Lineage W〉: Land of Anguish, Gludio Dungeon