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    2022.06.03 THRONE AND LIBERTY

    NCSOFT Publishes ‘PLAY NOVEL’ Series to Illustrate the Worldview of TL

    Interactive novel, based on the worldview of TL, tells a story about Roen and Calanthia

    Korean and English versions available for a global audience composed of five episodes and ten chapters

    As part of ‘Open R&D,’ NCSOFT will pre-release TL’s worldview, art, and sound in various contents

    NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, began publishing the ‘PLAY NOVEL’ series, an interactive novel that illustrates the worldview of the company’s new PC/console game, TL (Throne and Liberty).

    PLAY NOVEL allows the viewers to experience the worldview of TL in advance. The story portrays two girls, Roen and Calanthia, who appear in the game. Its creative visuals and interactive features are designed to immerse the readers in the story.

    NCSOFT will unveil the PLAY NOVEL series on its official Instagram every two weeks. It is composed of five episodes and ten chapters in total. Both Korean and English versions will be available for global viewers.

    Starting with PLAY NOVEL, NCSOFT will unfold ‘TL PLAY PROJECT’ and reveal various contents based on TL’s worldview, art works, and sound.

    Moon Young Choi, PDMO (Principal Development Management Officer) of NCSOFT, said, “As part of ‘Open R&D,’ we have designed this project for the global audience waiting for the release of TL.” He also added, “Going forward, they will be able to experience TL’s original narratives in various formats of content.”

    More information is available on NCSOFT’s official social media channels.