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    2024.05.30 Lineage W

    Lineage W | Fusion of Mana-Infused Arms and Martial Arts, Mana Striker

    Lineage W has revealed its new class "Mana Striker." Long ago, the Ivory Tower infused an unnamed fighter with mana to create an enhanced human to defeat the Ice Queen. The party sent on the mission was annihilated, and over time, the existence of the enhanced human was forgotten. However, as the ice melted over time, the enhanced human who was thought to be dead reemerged. A muscular and dexterous fighter with a strong body and sturdy arms. His mana-infused right arm glows like blue ice.

    The Game Art reveals the process of designing the Mana Striker and showcases the background art of the Ice Crystal Cave where the Mana Striker awoke.

    Mana Striker

    Mana Striker Rough Concept Art

    Mana Striker Concept Art

    Mana Striker Skin Card Illustration

    Mana Striker Mythic Transformation Card Illustration

    Mana Striker Server Selection Window Illustration

    Mana Striker 3D Image – Full Body

    Mana Striker 3D Image – Portrait

    Mana Striker Class 3D Video

    Ice Crystal Cave


    Ice Crystal Cave Lobby

    As you step into the cave, you can see the visage of a giant's skull. Clusters of glowing cells grow around the not-entirely-dead giant, and beautiful pillars of ice crystals stand tall. The ice pillars mined from the cave do not melt easily even when taken outside, making them highly valuable.

    Ice Crystal Cave Lobby Concept Art

    Ice Crystal Cave Lobby Skull Details

    Ice Crystal Cave Lobby In-game Preview Video

    Frost Corridor (Ice Crystal Cave 1st Floor)

    Ice crystals, sharp enough to pierce anything, clutter the cave, and the walls are adorned not with rocks or frost, but with fragments of ice. Here lies the giant's arm, exposed to the elements, and the odd clusters of glowing cells. Creatures that have lost their lives within these icy walls have been enchanted by the hatred and magic of the Ice Queen, becoming her minions that guard the cavern.

    Frost Corridor Concept Art

    Frost Corridor Concept Art – Details

    Frost Corridor In-game Preview Video

    Ice Garden (Ice Crystal Cave 2nd Floor)

    The inner chamber where the Ice Queen and her closest servants reside. The undulating floor resembling waves is strewn with patches of crimson moss and frozen saplings encased in ice. These saplings, frozen to their core long ago, resemble the heart of the Ice Queen. Occasionally, the sounds of a weeping woman can be heard. When these sounds become clearer, the air becomes void of any warmth.

    Ice Garden Concept Art

    Ice Garden Concept Art – Details

    Ice Garden In-game Preview Video


    Ice Mambo Rabbit Concept Art

    Ice Queen Concept Art

    Ice Queen Illustration

    Ice Queen 3D Image

    Ice Queen Moving Effect

    Probability-based items included