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    2023.06.15 Lineage W

    The Story of Lineage W’s Warrior: Kin of the Teker Clan, A Tale of Confronting Water Dragon Fafurion

    The Warrior class in Lineage W has received an update, incorporating the strengths of the Warrior from Lineage and the Berserker from Lineage M. As a result, the Warrior now possesses even greater power. Armed with Dual Axes as their exclusive weapon, the Warrior excels at frontline combat, demonstrating remarkable durability and delivering swift, devastating attacks.

    Once a member of the Teker clan, the Warrior has undergone significant evolution over the years. However, their ultimate goal remains unchanged—to vanquish their longstanding adversary, Fafurion. This formidable opponent cannot be overcome through human strength alone. Now, let us delve into the reasons that compel the Warrior to continue their relentless fight.

    Teker, the People of Water

    Most mythologies begin with narratives centered around water due to a simple reason. As societies shifted from hunting and gathering to agriculture, the significance of water grew exponentially. Water became indispensable for cultivating crops, and this essential aspect is vividly portrayed in mythological stories. A prime example from any mythology is the presence of a water-deifying god or goddess. The most representative deity would be Poseidon, the God of the Sea in Greek mythology.

    Similarly, the Lineage series also features a deity associated with water. Initially, Shilen held dominion over water but fell victim to Gran Kain's deceit and was subsequently expelled from her divine position. Subsequently, Eva assumed responsibility for the role.

    Webtoon “Story of the Gods” featuring Shilen and Eva

    Among the human population that settled in the Heine region, there were those who served Eva. These individuals, who inherited the strength of orcs and the physical resilience of dwarves, referred to themselves as "Teker," which means the "People of Water." Witnessing their loyalty, Eva granted her blessings to those "born in Heine and dedicated to serving Goddess Eva." She erected a temple that would serve as a sanctuary, ensuring "they shall not drown."

    The Teker Warriors of the Heine Kingdom Fend Off Elmoraden

    During the formation of the Elmoraden Empire under Shunaiman's rule, the Heine clan, a distinguished House dedicated to serving Goddess Eva as high priests, played a pivotal role. They established the Eva Kingdom in the Heine region. Together with House Innadril and the Teker clan, the royal family of Heine valiantly vanquished the monsters that plagued the area, laying the groundwork for their flourishing kingdom. However, the insatiable ambition of the Elmoraden Empire set its sights on the Eva Kingdom, seeking to extend its dominion over the entire continent. In response, the Eva Kingdom rallied its forces and dispatched the formidable Teker Warriors to defend its borders. Undeterred by the ongoing invasion, the Teker Warriors courageously resisted, persisting in their defiance. Their unwavering determination eventually forced Elmoraden to abandon its campaign and retreat.

    Even Though They Managed to Fend Off Fafurion's Invasion...

    Following the retreat of Elmoraden, the Eva Kingdom faced a devastating attack from Fafurion, the Water Dragon. Fafurion, along with other ancient dragons, were children of Shilen, the Goddess of Death. These formidable creatures wielded unimaginable power, capable of obliterating even the realms of the gods themselves. Motivated by their mother's animosity, the dragons unleashed their might, seeking to bring destruction upon the world. The Teker Warriors, aware that their strength alone would not be sufficient to halt Fafurion, valiantly battled against the dragon with unwavering determination. While the dragon slayer houses on the continent rallied together, uniting their efforts to seal Fafurion, the Teker Warriors fought relentlessly with their weapons. Through their sacrifices and indomitable spirit, the Teker Warriors managed to restore peace to the land of Heine once more.

    Heine Palace in Lineage M

    However, what awaited the Teker clan was an order of exile. As their influence grew stronger, the royal family of Heine became concerned about their diminishing political position. In a desperate bid to maintain their power, they formed an alliance with House Innadril. Together, they concocted an absurd justification, accusing the Tekers of being responsible for bringing Fafurion into the Kingdom, thereby endangering its safety.

    Adapting to Harsh Environments and Evolving

    Having lost their place in an abrupt turn of events, the Teker clan found refuge in a precarious enclave along the icy shores of the northern continent. In this harsh environment, they fought with unwavering determination to survive. Adversity only served to amplify their innate physical prowess and strength. With time, they adapted to their surroundings, mastering the art of hunting and gathering in the unforgiving frozen terrain.

    As the Teker clan departed from the Heine Kingdom, the military power of the kingdom weakened. Fafurion, assuming the form of a human, orchestrated a malevolent plot that led to the destruction and disappearance of a significant portion of the kingdom, submerging it beneath the depths of the sea. Only House Innadril, which had established a stronghold in the western region, managed to survive. However, it was during this time that the Elmoraden Empire conquered Heine, asserting its dominance over the once-thriving kingdom.

    Amidst the collapse of the Eva Kingdom, a formidable warrior race known as the Noble Orcs arrived in the frozen lands. Descendants of the ancient Orc Empire, these Noble Orcs stood apart from the typical orcs found on the continent. Like Heine, they too had suffered the loss of their homeland to the forces of Elmoraden. Recognizing their shared history and experiences, the Teker clan willingly relinquished their land to these new arrivals. From that moment forward, the Teker clan and the Noble Orcs trained together in martial arts, forming a powerful alliance and continuing their collective evolution.

    Aden Kingdom Era, Confronting the Awakened Fafurion Once Again

    One peaceful day, the Teker clan witnessed the illusion of a gigantic dragon emerging from the depths of the sea, evoking visions of a world on the brink of destruction. Guided by their unwavering faith in the divine will, the clan decided to abandon the land they had long called home and set sail across the vast sea, following the illusion.

    As the Aden Kingdom found itself embroiled in a tumultuous conflict against a false king, Fafurion awakened from its slumber.

    Fafurion of Eva Kingdom in Lineage M

    By the time the low growl of the dragon sounded, the Teker clan that had just arrived from the distant northern lands stood up against Fafurion. Yet, despite the indomitable strength they had cultivated and enhanced during their time in the north, they found themselves overpowered by Fafurion's overwhelming might. Just then, Druga, the dragon slayer house, arrived and rescued those who had survived.

    Drugar Bale, the First Generation Leader of the Dragon Slayer House in Lineage M

    Later, the reinforcements sent by Depardieu, who had managed to resolve the chaos in Aden Kingdom, joined forces and succeeded in sealing Fafurion once again.

    From that point onward, the Teker clan established connections with the Druga clan, engaging in the exchange of combat skills and knowledge. They also received support from the Dwarves of the Underground Palace, who shared a close relationship with the Drugas. Through the Dwarves' remarkable expertise and the infusion of Fire Dragon Valakas' blood, the Teker clan's dormant dragon blood was awakened, unleashing their inner ferocity and unlocking new levels of power.

    Fafurion Awakened Once Again, the Future of the Teker Warriors

    After successfully sealing Fafurion and reclaiming their place in the flourishing land of Heine, the Teker clan gradually assimilated into their new surroundings over the span of a century. Their once vibrant identity began to fade. However, a dedicated few recognized the importance of preserving their traditions and heritage—they ensured the passing down of their combat skills, remaining ever vigilant for the potential reawakening of Fafurion. Amidst the tranquil days that followed, Fafurion, who had slumbered in the depths of the abyss, abruptly opened its eyes once more. Motivated by the desire to trace the footsteps of its exiled mother, Shilen, and to prepare for her imminent return, Fafurion embarked on a relentless quest.

    Empowered by a renewed sense of purpose, the warriors of the Teker clan took up their weapons once again. Driven by an unwavering determination to avenge their ancestors who had valiantly fought against Fafurion, and fueled by a deep commitment to safeguarding Heine, the Teker clan embarked on their noble quest. They fought with unwavering resolve, their every action a testament to their unwavering honor and devotion.

    * Please note that since the story provided is an adaptation based on elements from Lineage PC version, the story of the Warrior in Lineage W, and the story of the Berserker in Lineage M, some details may differ from the actual gameplay.