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    2022.12.06 Lineage W

    A Monster Hunter Living for Vengeance: The Story of Oren and Sura, the Newly Added 〈Lineage W〉’s Class

    150 years ago, when a rift formed in the Ivory Tower, monsters invaded the area as well as the village of Oren. The mages of the Ivory Tower failed to seal the rift and had to flee, tired of the endless battle. Left with no hope, most of the villagers followed them. Those who decided to stay were determined to fight and took up arms. So did Sura — having no other choice, she became a monster hunter.

    To celebrate one year since the release of Lineage W, new region Oren and the 1st Signature Class Sura were added to the game. See for yourself how an explosion changed the village of Oren and its surroundings and learn why Sura decided to take up a giant sword and fight against the monsters.

    Finding Peace in a Snowy Respite

    Oren is a barren land covered with snow and surrounded by lakes of ice and snow cliffs. Fierce snowstorms rage here throughout the year. Since snow blankets the village year round, it is said that the people of Oren find peace in their snowy respite.

    However, the rift that formed in the Ivory Tower 150 years ago changed their lives forever. People were forced out of their homes, but those who remained decided to put up a fight against advancing monsters. The villagers trained monster hunters and made a living by selling monster remains until one day they heard a deafening noise coming from the Ivory Tower. After that, the number of monsters increased, and the situation in the village spiraled out of control.

    Explosion in the Ivory Tower

    The Ivory Tower is a place of research; the name itself means a place where scholars immerse themselves in literature or art away from the hassle of the real world. The expression ‘’ivory tower” now has a negative connotation after a French poet and critic Sinte-Beuve used it to criticize de Vigny, a French Romanticist. Now, the expression is used to describe a place where people are cut off from the rest of the world, with scientists escaping from reality to carry out research that no one else understands and dreamers turning their backs to the facts and practicalities of the real world.

    The Ivory Tower in 〈Lineage W〉 was once a place where great mages studied science and magic. However, the hardline Ahanists believed that the world was fundamentally wrong. They wanted to destroy it and build their own heaven on earth. Believing they would prosper in the world of the dead once the Goddess of Death descended on the continent of Aden, the hardline Ahanists held a ritual to summon her.

    However, their plan didn’t work — the ritual caused an explosion that shattered the Ivory Tower and destroyed the border between the worlds. The rift that had opened in the Ivory Tower before expanded, making it impossible to close it again. Demons seized this chance to make their way to the human world. In the end, the Ahanists opened the rift that was once sealed bringing not the Goddess of Death but demons to the continent of Aden.

    The Dimensional Rift and the Monster Invasion

    People of Aden had been already struggling because of the monsters that had made their way to the continent through the rift in the Ivory Tower when the explosion occurred. After the explosion, the number of monsters increased, and the situation spiraled out of control. To protect Oren, great mages used their life force to create a barrier around the village. However, the villagers knew that the barrier would fall sooner or later and tried to defend their homes by putting up barricades around the village of Oren.

    After the dimensional rift in the Ivory Tower opened the way for the monsters to the human world, higher demons started to extend their influence on people by appealing to human greed. However, the demons failed to reach an agreement and formed two different camps. Kahelle Jahi selected amongst the undead demons the two most powerful and bestowed upon them names of great honor: Corruption and Death. Brought back to life by Kahelle Jahi 150 years ago, they were called Kahelle’s puppets. Another clan, the Balrog Camp, appeared after the explosion in the Ivory Tower and was led by Demon and Gula. A pureblood demon clan, it was formed based on resentment of the Goddess of Death and called the Untainted Blood clan.

    Corruption and Death of the Jahi Camp

    Demon and Gula of the Balrog Camp

    Sura Seeking Revenge in Once Peaceful Oren

    When Sura was little, her mother passed away, and Sura was raised by her father who was a hunter. After the explosion in the Ivory Tower, their normal life came to an end and Sura’s father took up arms to fight monsters. He slayed them one after another until one day he met Death, a four-armed demon armed with countless blades. Sura’s father fought courageously; however, he couldn’t defeat Death — the encounter cost him his life. He died holding his beloved daughter in his arms, and his last thought was of Sura. After her father died, Sura was left alone, with revenge on Death becoming the only thing she sought in her life.

    Using Monster Powers to Complete Revenge

    Determined not to give up until she took her revenge on Death, Sura survived thanks to her strong will. Slaying monsters that appeared on her way, Sura managed to reach the center of the Ivory Tower, where she finally met Death that wielded the gigantic Hwando. However, as the power of Death possessed Sura, she turned into half human, half monster. On the brink of losing her mind, Sura started killing people. Then she saw a sword — it was the Dirk that once belonged to her father. Once she gripped the sword, the soul attached to it embraced her, bringing her back to her senses. After Sura regained herself, she learned how to subdue and use the monster powers that once controlled her to complete her long-awaited revenge.

    Living solely for the revenge, Sura eliminated everything on her way, however, her life suddenly took a different turn. Her father’s daughter, she could not stand injustice as well and followed in her father’s footsteps who was a monster hunter.

    When possessed by the monster powers, Sura killed Gideon, her father’s friend who taught her to hunt monsters. After monster hunters found her lying in the snowfield near the Ivory Tower and rescued her, Sura made up her mind to use her powers to bring peace and make the world a better place.