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    2023.02.07 NCing

    NCSOFT Reveals Gameplay Concept Trailer for ‘PUZZUP: AMITOI’ – New Puzzle Title Facing Global Market

    A new casual puzzle IP slated for a global launch in 2023 – a clear manifestation of NC’s accelerated global business and diversified genre portfolio

    Unveils the game concept and gameplay scenes, featuring a unique puzzle mechanic in which the incoming blocks change their direction using arrow keys

    NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, today released a new trailer for the company’s upcoming mobile title, ‘PUZZUP: AMITOI’ (hereinafter PUZZUP).

    PUZZUP is a match-three puzzle game under development that is slated for a global launch in 2023. Attracting global gamers, the game features a unique puzzle mechanic and fun elements added to the popular match-three puzzle solving. Added to matching three or more blocks in a row, PUZZUP engages players with the use of arrow keys that enables them to change the direction of incoming blocks.

    The trailer showcases the game concept in which the wind direction changes up, down, left, or right by using the arrow keys. It also included a sneak peek of the actual gameplay presenting special blocks and their gimmicks. The trailer also features one of the game’s AMITOI characters, called ‘Helpie’.

    Producer Chasun Rhee, project lead at Puzzle Development Division, said, "PUZZUP aims to offer  the fun that anyone can enjoy, built with its distinctive puzzle-solving mechanics to a high degree of perfection.” She added, “PUZZUP will come to global gamers within this year.”

    NCSOFT unveils new projects of various genres in development as part of NCing, the company’s open R&D initiative. More NCing content is available on NCSOFT’s official YouTube channel.