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    2021.03.11 The Originality

    Visual Tech, Myungguk Park, Jinsu Kim, Jongbin Kim

    Creating a game is to create a world that does not exist. It is the hard work of many people that becomes the building blocks for the wonderful world that we view on the screen. 

    It is not an easy work; however, NC firmly believes in the value of ‘fun’. Professionals from various fields are gathered in NC, making serious efforts to think and imagine new fun. This persistent efforts to create fun determines the quality of the output.

    NC never makes a compromise on quality. The foundation of NC’s quality lies in its ‘originality.'

    (From left) Myungguk Park, Jinsu Kim, Jongbin Kim

    You have to be a specialist focused on a single area. Knowing little about everything means nothing. You should be confident in explaining your area of expertise. The quality of your work would be determined by the level of your self-expectation. If you aim to join NCSOFT, strengthen your expertise and go for it.

    Visual Tech Myungguk Park, Jinsu Kim, Jongbin Kim
    Motion Capture, 3D Character Art, Cinematic Art

    Myungguk Park   Our team is specialized in motion captures. They are to take videos of actors’ movements and to convert them into data. Utilizing this technology, we create animation data to be used in games and videos.

    Jinsu Kim   I am a character modeler. I enhance overall quality so that the game characters would look even more attractive in cinematic videos. There is difference between what I do and what other modelers of game development team would do. They convert characters from 2D into 3D. Their outputs are optimized for games. We work on characters so that they could look natural on high-definition videos.

    Jongbin Kim   I work on computer graphic videos produced by NCSOFT, from in-game cinematic videos to promotion videos. My role is that of a director, painting bigger pictures for videos. I set the direction in projects with the development team that requests video production. Then, I arrange details of the projects together with modelers, animators, and motion capture team. I determine camera layouts and carry out editing based on overall flow of the video.

    Motion capture studio

    Fast Decision-Making Ability and Creativity

    Jongbin Kim   Various projects are going on in NCSOFT. We do not work with a single IP, but produce videos for all IPs. The colors vary by IP, and their demands also vary depending on the purpose of video.

    Here, the decision-making ability and creativity of the director are required. The director should be able to propose better pictures through swiftly understanding the style that is preferred.

    It is better if you can visualize your imagination. You should be able to swiftly recall the movies that are similar to the video that you are about to create. To this end, you need to watch as many videos and films as possible. It would be also nice if you know about basic film techniques.

    Self-Expectation of Professionals

    Jinsu Kim   It is the creator’s level of self-expectation that determines the quality of output. The quality of output is determined based on what you have seen and experience. To enhance the level self-expectation, there is no other option but to make continuous efforts to watch the works of very good creators.

    Communication That Coordinates the Whole

    Myungguk Park   You should be able to take the lead in creation of the atmosphere on the site. When I do motion capturing, I get to communicate with many people from diverse fields, including actors, outsourced businesses, animators, and modelers.

    Motion capture is not a technology that is well-known to everyone. You should be able to explain the technology to the people that do not know about it. You should have related knowledge in order to talk with engineers, including animators. The basic concept of 2D and 3D and the concept of axis, for instance. You may make a fast progress only in case you communicate with them based on basic understanding.

    An Unknown World, Motion Capture

    Myungguk Park   There are not many motion capture specialists in Korea. Of course, I did not start my career, aiming to become a motion capture specialist. I used to be an animator. I was also in the advertisement industry for a while.

    While working as an animator, I had a chance to experience motion captures. They seemed very attractive to me. They felt so alive. I wondered what kind of world it was.

    I had a few experiences and was lucky to be offered a chance to join this team. This is where I learned about motion capture from scratch once again. I still continue to study. I still have a lot to learn. I want to be an expert in the field of motion capture.

    Our team is specialized in motion capture. Based on the leadership of the head of team that belongs to the first generation of motion capturers in Korea, professionals from diverse fields, including the one majoring in kinematics, are working in the team.

    Be A Specialist

    Jongbin Kim NC is a large company in the game industry. Experts from each field are gathered here to utilize their own expertise. It is good to know a lot about many things, but it is still better to excel in your field of expertise. You should be confident in explaining your area of expertise.

    Creator’s Note

    The Source of inspiration

    Myungguk Park   (My source of inspiration is) To watch people in their everyday lives. They walk and run in certain ways. I try to understand people’s movements and remember them.

    It is important to know how muscles work. The markers that we use for motion captures are attached to joints, where movements occur. If you understand how joints work, it helps your self-development in this field.

    (Jongbin Kim) Travels and cameras. Trips affect my intuition the most. Whenever I see something during travel, I say to myself, “I am going to use it in the video after going back.” You get to see more when you get lost. I would like to recommend the young reading this article to go on a trip, immediately.

    I am a camera maniac, so I take a drone, an action cam, and a DSLR whenever I go on a trip. It is nice to use diverse devices and to see what cannot be seen.

    Jinsu Kim   Cameras and lights. If you can use lighting in a wise way, it will help creating characters based on actual films.

    We are much affected by lights. Depending on how you use lights, the feeling that each face gives becomes different. If you learn about lights, you may express characters in a wise manner, depending on how you use the lights. The characteristics of each character stand out, when the circular lighting is used for male characters, and the front lighting for female characters.


    Jongbin Kim   I wanted to create songs. I did sampling after downloading MIDI files from the internet. I lived in New Zealand when I was little. I approached my black and Maori friends with the songs that I created. They looked like the male protagonist in the movie, . They were at least twice bigger than me. I asked them whether they could rap to the song I created. That is how the friends came to my place and rapped to small microphones. I sent the recordings to the entertainment companies in Korea. I even had a chance to audition.

    Myungguk Park   I visited a large motion capture studio during a business trip to Hungary. I experienced motion captures of a horse at the time. At the time, animal motion captures were rare in Korea. Based on the experience, I am trying animal motion captures here in Korea.


    Jongbin Kim   (My dream is) To create something that is solely based on my story. It does not matter whether it is a movie, a novel, a painting, or a comic book. I am reading a lot, watching many movies, and writing by myself.

    Jinsu Kim   To create good games. In most cases, modelers aspire to enhance their level of expertise. Beyond thinking about “becoming famous” and “becoming better than others”, I would like to take a step forward to create high-quality games.

    Myungguk Park   To visit all countries around the world. Even if I have to stay for a shorter period of time, I prefer to visit as many countries as possible.

    The ‘Fun’ Creators

    If Your job is Create Fun

    Jongbin Kim   The most fun thing would be to convert my imagination into an actual output. Since I was young, I have played imagining about comic books and movies that do not exist.

    It has become my career now. People say that you get to hate what you used to like in case it becomes your job. I am just the opposite. I do not get stressed out at work. It is fun to express my imagination through videos. It is great to see my work on news reports and on social media. The video that I created was posted on the main page of the official website of Unreal Engine. It is one of the initial PR videos of L2M. It was a small project enabled by collaboration between five people. It felt rewarding.

    Jinsu Kim   I joined NC, because I decided that I could not separate my life from games. It is delightful to come to work. Mondays are not so bad. It is natural in NC to talk about games. If you take about games elsewhere, you sometimes receive crooked looks from the people believing that I am too old to play games. Here, everybody understands no matter what game you talk about. There is no need to explain.


    Myungguk Park   (Talent is) Persistence. Pulling things off. I hang onto problems until they are solved. No matter what happens, I complete my work.

    Jongbin Kim   Crazy ideas. When I am asked to ‘generate ideas based on certain details’, I immediately begin imagination.

    Jinsu Kim   To be on stage. If I am given a microphone, I can handle the audience, no matter how big they are. I am good at creating team work in the company. I am a natural in pleasing other people. I am confident in making team members join hands.


    Myungguk Park   (Fun is) Games. I like RPGs. Sharing roles and fighting together. I like the process where each one of us makes efforts in their own area and tackle quests together. It is fun to meet with diverse people, to join hands to fight, and to play together.

    Jinsu Kim   Having a positive mind-set. You should not live your life casting negative thoughts to everything. Life is too short not to laugh. If you laugh, pleasure will follow.

    Jongbin Kim   I believe that players can have fun only when creators have fun (creating the game). It is fun to work with the positive people that never say “it will not work” or “there is not enough time” to any proposal.