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    2023.09.14 THRONE AND LIBERTY

    THRONE AND LIBERTY Posts Producer’s Letter – Outlining Improvements to the Game’s Development

    In response to user feedback from the latest Beta Test, TL made substantial improvements to both the combat and progression systems, involving the removal of auto-combat and auto-travel.

    Jongok Ahn, lead producer of TL, said, “We have now regained an objective eye to our development, and we promise to continuously refine the game until it is ready.”

    NCSOFT created a ‘Message to TL’ community board on TL’s official website as a place to collect valuable feedback from players.

    NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, announced that the company’s upcoming title, ‘THRONE AND LIBERTY (hereafter TL),’ released Producer’s Letter via its official website.

    In the Letter, Jongok Ahn, lead producer of TL, outlined TL’s improvement plans addressing the identified issues stemming from player feedback received during the beta test last May in Korea. The core objectives are to enhance ‘static combat’ and ‘tedious progression.’

    NCSOFT decided to remove the ‘auto-combat’ system – one of the most requested changes from the players. Producer Ahn said, “Initially, we regarded auto-combat as an inevitable feature for an MMORPG title with inherent extensive gameplay required. But we may have taken this decision too lightly.” He added, “We reminded ourselves that TL is a game designed for players to immerse themselves with meticulous control over contents. We have decided to remove both auto-combat and auto-travel completely.”

    The combat system will also change and now enable simultaneous movement and fight. Initially, NCSOFT restricted movement during combat in consideration of TL’s large-scale battle. However, in response to user feedback complaining of limited freedom in control and movement, NCSOFT revised the system to enable players to engage in combat while on the move.

    NCSOFT further elaborated on adjustments to the combat system, highlighting its control-oriented aspects. The changes include:

    Adding new types of skills that can attack specified directions or targets

    Removing collisions between characters in all areas except the conflict zones

    Minimizing inertial effect when changing direction to make control more responsive

    Increasing the number of skills that are initially provided

    Accelerating the skill acquisition process

    The weapon system is also undergoing changes to bolster TL’s distinctive ‘weapon swap’ feature. Producer Ahn introduced several improvements and commented, “The ability for players to equip and utilize two distinct types of weapons is a pivotal component of TL’s combat.” The changes include:

    Revamping a stat system to enable flexible weapon mix-and-match

    Weapon passive skill adjustments

    Expanding the crafting and enhancement item drops

    NCSOFT also carried out comprehensive content reform to facilitate a swifter and more diverse growth experience within TL. Players can observe various improvements, including:

    A decrease in the emphasis on hunting in the growth phase

    Enhancing the experience rewards for Regional Events

    The expansion of party-play instance dungeons and adventure content

    A reduction in the time required for level-up progression

    An increase in the number of locations and drop rates for materials essential to boost skills and equipment upgrade

    Producer Ahn concluded the Letter by emphasizing, “In addition to these top-priority fixes, we are concurrently addressing numerous other reforms and improvements.” He added, “Some of these will be tested during the upcoming Amazon Games 'Technical Test Closed Alpha,’ and we are committed to continuously refining and tweaking the game until we are ready to share it with you.

    To further engage with users, TL has introduced a ‘Message to TL’ community board where players can freely voice their opinions regarding TL’s development direction. This board will allow users to actively participate in shaping the game’s future.

    For more information, please visit the TL official website.