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    2023.11.20 THRONE AND LIBERTY

    THRONE AND LIBERTY Character Pre-Creation Begins November 22

    Players can pre-download TL and create a character, customizing with gender, name, and appearance starting from November 22, 20:00 (GMT/UTC+9).

    TL has revealed the first episode of ‘Night at the Starlight Observatory,’ sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the production of the regional theme OST.

    NCSOFT is set to host a variety of events and showcase demy plays of key content at G-STAR 2023.

    The pre-registration event is currently open, allowing players to secure in-game item rewards ahead of TL’s official launch on December 7 in Korea.

    NCSOFT, a global premier developer and publisher, announced that character pre-creation for THRONE AND LIBERTY (TL) will commence on November 22 at 20:00 (GMT/UTC+9).


    Players can pre-install TL through the PURPLE platform starting November 21 at 14:00 (GMT/UTC+9). This early access allows players to choose a server, create a unique character name, and customize their character’s appearance. Each server restricts duplicate character names to ensure a diverse player experience.


    TL has also revealed a radio program content, ‘Night at the Starlight Observatory,’ on its official website. The first episode features an interview with NCSOFT’s sound team, sharing behind-the-scenes insights into the production of the regional theme OST for Laslan and Stonegard.


    NCSOFT will be showcasing ‘TL ZONE' at G-STAR 2023, the international game exhibition held at BEXCO in Busan, Korea. On November 18, at 13:00 (GMT/UTC+9), Solim Jung and Sanghyun Park will host, with Producer Jongok Ahn taking the stage for live demonstrations of TL’s key content, such as solo dungeon, a 6-player party dungeon, and a massive guild raid.


    In addition to the on-site showcases, NCSOFT is hosting various on-site events. Visitors who verify pre-registration and subscribe to the YouTube channel can receive a coupon containing Amitoi ‘Terrible Sevens Gneiss,’ in-game currency ‘Sollant,’ and various items such as ‘Crystal of Recovery Heal,’ ‘Mana Regen Potion,’ ‘World Tree Leaf,’ and ‘Stellarite Element.’ On-site event participants will also have the chance to win additional prizes, including the GeForce RTX 4060Ti.


    NCSOFT will launch TL on December 7 in Korea. Every pre-registered player will receive rewards, including Morph ‘Rosette Purpuma,’ Amitoi ‘Baby Seed Pippin,’ and an ‘Adventure Support Box’ containing various progression boost items.


    For more information, please visit TL’s official website.