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    2023.03.06 We Play

    All for One, All Set as NCers!

    The newbie NCers learned in detail about our company, NC, through the Week 1 training in January 2023. They were given time to view games — which were once mere hobbies — from an industrial perspective. (Link to last episode) Also, it was a time to share their new start with their peers, getting to know each other through various activities.

    During the Week 2 training, the newbies built a network, not only with their peers but also with their seniors, and readied themselves to be placed in their new positions.

    In this week’s WE PLAY series, we will share with you the second story of the 2023 Orientation Program for the Open Recruitment where they were able to close the distance between each other as NCers.

    Incubating the Seed of Growth through Training

    Following the Week 1 training, where the newbies learned about the company and games, practical work system training was conducted in Week 2. This training session lasted 13 hours longer than last year's program, providing a valuable learning opportunity for work and laying the foundation for growth through nine different modules that were carried out over a total of 17 hours.

    First, the new employees participated in the "Birkman Assessment & Debrief Session," during which they assessed their work habits to identify their strengths and gained a deep understanding of themselves in various situations. This allowed them to recognize and appreciate the differences of others while adapting to the organization and finding ways to develop themselves based on their strengths.

    Also, lectures were given to facilitate a smooth transition into the organization and cultivate the soft skills necessary for conducting work. This served as an opportunity for the new employees, who had just entered the "real world," to learn practical skills that could be applied to their work before actually diving into the work environment. Some of these skills included "NC Communication Ground Rules" for a better understanding of NC's work system, as well as report and presentation skills, business etiquette, and more.

    They were also given lectures by an experienced colleague who shared their experience of adapting to the company, as well as special lectures by the internal director and guest speaker to cultivate a growth mindset in the new employees.

    Connecting for a More Creative Work

    The latter part of the Week 2 training focused on expanding the network between peers based on their interests and participating in various cultural and artistic activities to enhance creativity.

    Day 9 of the session was a very special "Connecting Day." Participants could choose one of six different cultural experience activities, including Disney100: The Exhibition, ARARIO COLLECTION, Max Dalton - Moments in Film 63, magic class, MBTI perfume-making class, and vision mood lamp-making class. On this day, the new NCers spent time connecting with members of the group that chose the same activity. Later, they debriefed their experiences and shared their insights with everyone.

    The new employees were highly satisfied with the program, particularly with the docents at the Disney100: The Exhibition and the ARARIO COLLECTION. They left comments such as, "I can't stop thinking about what the docent told me — that I should take out the Mickey Mouse inside me every now and then," and "I really liked the docent and was able to reflect on life and death again."

    An employee who attended the Max Dalton exhibition mentioned the benefit of the program saying, “It was nice to try something I don’t usually do with other team members, and I was able to broaden my perspective on art.”

    The magic class, MBTI perfume-making class, and vision mood lamp-making class were all programs involving hands-on activities. Comments were made such as, "I realized that you can communicate with others, have fun, and stir up imagination through magic," "We were able to learn about each other by comparing our impressions of different scents and recommending one," and "I'm proud of the lamp that I made, and it helped me think about my vision." Overall, all participants had a great time.

    We Are the Future, We Are NC

    The 2023 Orientation Program for Open Recruitment took place at the start of the new year. This program is NC's systematized training program prepared for new leaders of NC and was a valuable opportunity to support the growth and new beginnings of our new employees. We look forward to meeting the new NC built by the 103 new employees, who are now part of "us" after the 10-day journey that marked a new start.