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    2023.07.19 Lineage W

    Brutal Yet Beautiful World, Lineage W x Attack on Titan

    Lineage W, serviced as a global one-build, is constantly expanding its universe and engaging in collaborations with different IPs to offer new and exciting content experiences. This time, Lineage W is teaming up with “Attack on Titan,” an acclaimed masterpiece that first debuted in 2009 and topped the “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This Manga is Amazing!)” list in 2011. Let's delve into the key areas of focus and the kind of enjoyment that this collaboration aims to bring to the players.

    Another Encounter with a Masterpiece, Lineage W x Attack on Titan Collaboration Starts

    During its early publication stages, “Attack on Titan” shocked its readers with the portrayal of humans engaged in a desperate struggle against the formidable Titans, who tore them apart without mercy.

    "This is a… cruel world. And yet…so beautiful."


    - Mikasa Ackerman from 『Attack on Titan』

    Mikasa, a character initially depicted as lacking purpose and ambition, displayed an unyielding resolve when faced with an imminent Titan attack. Inspired by her thoughts of Eren, she chose to fight for her life instead of succumbing to death. The narrative of “Attack on Titan,” featuring diverse armies and their members uniting to confront seemingly insurmountable, colossal, and savage enemies, resonates with the depiction of Lineage W's clans and their members who stand against massive boss monsters. These shared similarities served as the foundation for this collaboration.

    The Survey Corps from Attack on Titan, swept away into Aden by a dimensional rift.
    (Left) Eren Yaeger, (Right) Mikasa Ackerman

    Contemplation on the Seamless Crossover Between Two Universes

    In order to seamlessly blend the two universes together without diluting their original essence, careful consideration was required. The development team's primary goal was to ensure that players of Lineage W could immerse themselves in the same feelings of fear and despair portrayed in “Attack on Titan.” However, translating the sheer size of the Titans directly into the game posed practical challenges. Nevertheless, the team made appropriate adjustments to convey a powerful sense of a colossal presence to leave a lasting impression on the players.

    In the previous collaboration with “Berserk,” the characters met in a neutral space within the dimensional rift. However, for the collaboration with “Attack on Titan,” the characters had to directly enter the world of Aden. This decision allows players to experience the unfolding stories and battles against colossal enemies, a first for Lineage W. After careful consideration, the Lineage W development team chose to introduce the Titan characters as Phantoms who entered Aden through dimensional rifts. This setting played a crucial role in the progression of quests.

    To ensure a seamless integration between Lineage W and “Attack on Titan,” the team applied cartoon rendering techniques. They continuously refined the animation, camera work, and other elements to ensure that the combat scenes felt natural within the game. Additionally, the team made diligent efforts to faithfully recreate and implement the costumes, dialogues, weapons, and other aspects of Eren and Mikasa, drawing from accurate references.

    Encountering the Phantoms of Attack on Titan through Story and Event Dungeons

    This collaboration comprises two main content elements. The first is a story quest where players encounter the protagonists Eren and Mikasa from “Attack on Titan” and join them on a quest to uncover the traces of the Titans. The second is a dungeon event where players must cooperate to defend the city wall and engage in battles with the Armored Titan, immersing themselves in the chaos of urban warfare within the village.

    Scenery of the solo dungeon "Aden Urban Warfare"

    Scenery of "Wall Aden" confronting a colossal Titan

    Of particular note is the event dungeon, which allows players to transform into Eren's Titan form and engage in thrilling battles against the Armored Titan. This unique experience is expected to provide a sense of excitement and novelty. Throughout the event period, the currency earned can be exchanged for various items through the special shop NPC named Armin.

    Armin Arlert, one of the three main protagonists of “Attack on Titan,” a friend of Eren and Mikasa.
    Can be encountered as an NPC in Aden Village.

    Following Prydwen, the Link Between Two Worlds

    During this collaboration event, players can embark on a captivating story quest that begins with a request from Prydwen at the Sorcery Institute.


    Prydwen, entrusted with managing the Sorcery Institute in the absence of the Archimage Exyd, becomes deeply concerned about the dimensional rifts that have been appearing across various locations. One day, she senses the emergence of an enormous rift within the Giants' Canyon and seeks the player's assistance.

    Together with Prydwen, the player sets out to investigate the rift. To their astonishment, they come across colossal footprints unseen in the world of Aden and soon encounter Eren and Mikasa, who have crossed into Aden through the rift. The main objective of the event quest revolves around the player joining forces with Eren and Mikasa to devise a strategy to defeat the Titans and mitigate the havoc they are wreaking upon the Aden Continent.

    Upcoming Collaboration...?

    Lineage W, a global one-build MMORPG, is committed to showcasing a vast universe with exceptional art quality and is continuously striving to expand its boundaries. With the constant demand for fresh content in MMORPGs, the development team spares no effort exploring different approaches. Collaborations with other renowned works are an essential component of these efforts, providing players with new levels of enjoyment and satisfaction. Collaborations with globally acclaimed masterpieces, in particular, play a crucial role in promoting Lineage W to diverse countries worldwide. The Lineage W development team is already gearing up for their next collaboration, following in the footsteps of successful partnerships with “Berserk” and “Attack on Titan.” Although the details cannot be disclosed at this time, there are exciting plans underway for future collaborations with astounding masterpieces that will undoubtedly surprise and delight players.

    ©Hajime Isayama, KODANSHA/“ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee.