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    2023.08.18 R&D

    Introducing NC’s Technology Blog, 'NC Research'

    We are thrilled to introduce 'NC Research' — NC's technology blog where you can explore various technologies and development narratives that NC is actively engaged with. Back in 2011, NC took the lead as the first domestic gaming company to establish an AI Center, highlighting the paramount importance of core technology and maintaining a steadfast commitment to ongoing R&D efforts aimed at securing future growth drivers. Throughout this journey, NC has gained recognition for its technical prowess, showcasing its achievements and research papers at international academic conferences. Furthermore, the seamless integration of technology with services has enabled NC to cultivate its unique expertise. Looking ahead, NC is excited to share its accumulated know-how and various stories through its dedicated blog. We invite your interest and support for this technology blog that will encompass a wide range of topics, from expert knowledge to behind-the-scenes development processes.

    Go to NC Research  ➔ ncresearch.io

    NC Research Blog Main Screen

    From AI to Digital Humans

    NC has been conducting extensive research in the realm of AI and NLP, a commitment that predates the recent surge in generative AI trends. The domain of NLP R&D involves a comprehensive exploration of AI technology that not only comprehends speech and cognition but also generates language akin to the human mind's natural expression. NC's research initiatives span a spectrum, encompassing foundational elements like large language models, alongside practical applications like AI-driven automatic translation. A key aspect of NC's approach is the seamless integration of these technologies with its services, thereby elevating the overall quality and robustness of its research endeavors. NC's AI R&D focuses on researching AI technologies that can offer new sources of enjoyment for individuals and serve as new growth drivers for businesses. In this regard, NC's research area encompasses a wide range of AI core technologies, spanning from fundamental technologies related to digital humans to optimization techniques that can transform AI technologies into practical services.

    NC’s R&D Research Area

    Sharing Challenges

    The NC Research blog stands as a technology-focused platform that offers a transparent glimpse into NC's dynamic R&D endeavors and their resulting outcomes. The blog consists of three different tabs: ▲ The “Blogs” tab, where NC shares noteworthy research insights; ▲ The “Publications” tab, where NC introduces research papers that are published from various academic conferences; and ▲ The “Tags” tab, where one can search for various blog posts using topic tags.

    In the “Blogs” tab, researchers personally elucidate the distinctive methodologies, trajectories, and outcomes of their R&D undertakings. From AI generative models that create music based on prompts, to immersive digital human technologies that engage and captivate, as well as cutting-edge advancements like large language models and NLP that facilitate seamless conversational interactions — the "Blogs" tab shares and unravels the latest technologies, along with behind-the-scenes development stories. Of particular note is the unique spotlight on the integration of these technologies into gaming services and the intricate process of their commercialization, which forms exclusive content featured solely on the NC Research blog. The “Publications” tab beckons readers to explore a collection of academic papers presented at internationally renowned academic conferences and journals, both domestically and globally. The tab provides a curated compilation of NC's achievements, spanning notable academic events like the “Conference on Korean Language and Information Processing” and the “Korea Software Congress (KSC).” Moreover, it extends its reach to internationally acclaimed academic conferences such as “INTERSPEECH” — a preeminent global conference in the realm of speech technology — as well as diverse conferences organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in the United States. The “Tags” tab is designed to enhance user convenience by gathering and organizing topic tags, allowing readers to easily find relevant content by selecting keywords of interest.

    The NC Research blog is positioned to become a pivotal technological hub, catering not only to enthusiastic engineers immersed in the realms of AI and NLP but also to NC’s future employees. Looking ahead, NC plans to expand its interaction to reach wider audience through a variety of rich content, including articles and videos on diverse topics such as global tech issues, as well as new interactive media formats.

    Build Future Values with Technology and Creativity

    The NC Research blog's ultimate vision is encapsulated in the motto “Building Future Values with Technology and Creativity.” At its core, NC envisions a future where values are shaped by the fusion of cutting-edge technology and innovative creativity. Looking ahead, NC's R&D trajectory will take a significant step forward, propelling foundational technology research into the realm of highly interactive digital humans. This journey builds upon the accomplishments of TJ Digital Human, which was introduced in March. Furthermore, as the first domestic game company to unveil a large-scale language model, NC will collaborate with various partners and provide support to utilize AI technology in diverse fields. In line with this, a tool that harnesses the power of generative AI models to facilitate game development will be gradually unveiled over time.

    Every step of these journeys will find its home on the NC Research blog. We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us as we navigate the intricate path of advancing technology through the diverse stories that are yet to unfold on the NC Research blog.