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    2022.10.26 Culture & Values

    NC University #1. Promoting Continuous Growth through the Onboarding Program

    “NC University” is a company organization that holds onboarding sessions for new hires and offers personalized training to all employees addressing their needs at every stage of their careers. The organization is composed of around 20 HRD (Human Resource Development) specialists who continually work to provide various educational programs, with the aim of strengthening and supporting the improvement of professional skills.

    Together with NC University, both executives and employees are able to share concerns regarding personal and professional growth that they may face in the course of their careers. NC University also helps them set milestones to pursue while at NC, allowing for consistent growth. Various educational programs are offered, such as an onboarding program which helps new hires adapt to the company, professional training programs which help employees become a specialist in their respective position, and a leadership program which helps attendees learn the skills required to be a successful leader.

    In this article, we introduce our onboarding program that guides new hires at NC helping them start their professional journey. This 3-month program is designed to navigate new employees through our company culture and values. Read further to learn more about the program and efforts we make to facilitate adaptation to company environments for new hires.

    Becoming a part of NC within 90 days with “Jump-On” & “Melt-In”

    NC realizes how important it is to help new hires adapt within the organization so that they better understand our company culture, values, and goals. Therefore, NC University has come up with an onboarding program which consists of two stages. The “Jump-On” stage is designed to help new employees learn more about company values whereas the ‘’Melt-In” stage is about adaptation within the organization.

    ① Starting a new journey: Orientation

    On their first day, all new employees are invited to an orientation where they learn more about the onboarding program here at NC. Every new hire gets a “Buddy”—an employee who has been with the company for some time and is there to help with the adaptation. Buddies exchange greetings with new hires and give them welcome cards that they have prepared beforehand.

    Along with welcome cards from their buddies, every new employee also gets a welcome kit from the company which includes a warm message and essentials for office work. Each item has the NC logo on it what creates a sense of belonging among employees.

    NC’s welcome kit distributed on the first day.

    ② Understanding company values: “Jump-On NC”

    New hires join the “Jump-On NC” program right after they start their jobs at the company. This program provides extensive information on company regulations, internal systems, and general game development processes.

    Moreover, NC has developed an internal learning platform specially for new hires so that they easily learn more about the company. The platform offers simple content that takes 5 to 10 minutes to watch and covers various aspects of life at NC.

    “Jump-On NC” program provides various content that helps new employees better understand company values.

    ③ Supporting new hires: “Buddy Program”

    Together with the programs mentioned above, NC University also runs a “Buddy Program.” Buddies usually work on the same team as the newly hired employee and help them adapt to their new environment. If a new employee has a question, their buddies are the ones they can turn to for help.

    For buddies, there is a “Buddy Guide” prepared by NC University. This guide is a sort of a cheat sheet for buddies. It provides a detailed explanation on what a buddy is and contains information on various activities that new hires and buddies can try out together.

    NC University provides meal vouchers so that new employees and their buddies can have lunch together.

    ④ Blending in: “Melt-In NC”

    The key to adapting to new environments is communication because it helps people build connections. The “Melt-In NC” program encourages communication especially among new employees for two reasons. First, it helps them better understand the company culture, and second, strong professional connections are important when trying to realize your potential.

    To encourage communication, NC University organizes special sessions for new hires who have started working at the company at the same time. These sessions run under the “Melt-In NC” program and help employees build a solid foundation for future cooperation. Apart from that, NC University also arranges live Q&A sessions where new hires are welcome to ask questions about NC and organizes team-building activities where employees are given creative tasks that stimulate their imagination.

    ⑤ Sharing opinions and setting goals

    The final stage of the onboarding program is sharing opinions and setting goals. At the end of the 90-day program, new employees are able to participate in an internal survey. This survey not only allows NC University to gather feedback on the program, but also helps the program’s participants to set professional goals that are in line with the goals of the company.

    NC University believes that a positive onboarding experience is instrumental in successful adaptation. Moreover, the onboarding program helps new employees learn more about themselves and better understand what goals they want to achieve at the company. Therefore, NC University encourages each leader to have a one-on-one meeting with the new employee on their team after they complete the onboarding program. Before the meeting, leaders are given guidelines that are based on the insights provided by the survey.

    * The onboarding survey and the guidelines for leaders will be introduced in Q4 2022.

    On the first anniversary of entering the company, employees receive a congratulatory e-mail to cheer for their continued success here at NC.

    Learning and growing with “Start On”

    Enhancing your professional capabilities and growing as a specialist are the most important steps to building a successful career, which is why NC University encourages continuous learning and presents NC employees with the opportunity to join various training programs in conjunction with their work.

    However, new graduates who have just started their careers at NC are often not used to this multitasking, and many have no clue how to start their professional training. For such employees, NC University has made the “Start On” program a part of the onboarding process, showing new graduates how to hone their professional skills while maintaining great performance.

    "Start On“ is a company program that provides new graduates at NC with the opportunity to participate in courses on Udemy, Welaaa and other online learning platforms. Employees can take various courses ranging from programming classes to other courses aimed at improving their soft skills.

    Starting your professional journey

    Understanding the importance of a successful onboarding, NC University has a separate team that runs the onboarding program.

    Manager Bo-mi Shin from the Onboarding Team explains that “The onboarding process at NC is designed not only to provide information, but also to navigate new employees through the company culture and values. The program itself is sort of a guideline. Also, our team works together with other teams to ensure the efficiency of the onboarding. We plan to improve the program so that new employees can better understand various aspects of life at NC.”

    The onboarding process at NC is not a final step of recruitment, but rather an outline of what new employees can achieve in the company. NC University will continue to improve our onboarding program so that NC’s employees can realize their ambitions and infinite possibilities.