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    2022.11.22 Culture & Values

    NC University #2. Encouraging Professional Growth Through Learning

    Joining a company means starting a professional journey. However, this journey is not an easy one—we all put maximum effort into gaining more knowledge, honing our skills, and achieving career success, but sometimes we reach a dead end.

    Striving to address employees’ needs at every stage of their careers and help them become a specialist in their respective position, NC University has come up with a new training system. The first part of the NC University series describes our onboarding process, and in this article, we will take a sneak peek at our training program and see what professional support it offers to NC’s employees.

    *NC University #1. The onboarding program (Link)

    Broadening horizons on the professional journey

    NC University believes that broad horizons and outside-the-box thinking are instrumental in career advancement, which is why it offers a special program, Insightful Lectures. This program provides interesting and useful insights into various issues related to game development. Every month, NC’s employees and invited experts give lectures on different topics and share their knowledge as well as their own professional experiences with the attendees.

    Apart from the Insightful Lectures given on a regular basis, NC University also occasionally organizes an NC Dev Class that consists of a series of lectures. These lectures promote open innovation and provide information on the latest domestic and foreign technology trends so that NC’s employees can utilize them in both business and development.

    NC University has developed an optimized online and offline training environment so that attendees can enhance their competencies whenever and wherever they want.

    Developing expertise in line with the company’s vision

    NC University provides all employees with a learning environment to help them develop expertise and competencies in line with the company’s vision. As an example, NC believes in the significance of data and strives to become a data-driven organization where all members make decisions based on the data. That is why NC University offers various training programs to employees helping them strengthen their expertise in the data-driven approach.

    One such program is a special course in Game Data Analysis. Game data is a valuable resource; companies collect and analyze it to provide optimized services to players and to make their game content more interesting. NC University tries to satisfy the growing need for better analytical skills among employees performing Game IP-related tasks by offering a training course that teaches them how to efficiently use internal game data.

    The beginner's track for Lineage M's data utilization. NC University plans to develop a curriculum for beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks based on game data from each respective IP until 2023.

    Apart from the aforementioned course, NC University also offers a Python course to all employees, as this programming language is widely used for data analysis inside the company. Those who decide to take part in it can choose to study either Data Analysis or Data Crawling. There are courses linked to practice at each level, employees can learn how to code and work with data from scratch without worrying about falling behind.

    NC University plans to continuously nurture “NC Data Scientists” that have not only the common capability for data utilization, but also the data utilization capability specialized for NC’s game services.

    Apart from the courses, NC University encourages the usage of Python among employees by holding company competitions.

    Encouraging employees to become lifelong learners

    Since expertise is not something one can develop in a week or a month, employees continually take on new challenges and attempt to grow professionally in their respective position. To support their ambitions, NC University not only runs training courses, but also encourages employees to become lifelong learners by pursuing continuous training. As an example, NC University provides a perfect environment for self-directed learning in the workplace, with employees taking learning into their own hands and growing from it on both personal and professional levels.

    <Learn-On> is NC University’s special program; it teaches participants how to build a professional growth plan, set feasible goals and reach them over 6 months. NC University not only provides a learning platform but also helps participants not to lose motivation.

    Besides long-term training, NC University offers a myriad of opportunities to gain knowledge that employees can apply in their jobs right away. For this, they can browse through the list of monthly courses on learning platform and choose one that suits their needs. In the future, NC University plans to diversify the platform by adding more courses in various fields.

    Being a passionate advocate of self-directed learning, NC University also encourages all employees to attend workshops and conferences as well as to develop their expertise by participating in certificate programs.

    Sharing knowledge and growing together

    Social interaction has proved to play an important role in learning. In certain cases, structured and systematic learning can be much less efficient compared to the learning through interaction. That is why NC University aims to build a unique social learning environment where employees can freely share their knowledge and experiences with each other.

    Based on the theory of social learning, the <Learn-Us> program encourages mutual learning. By introducing this program, NC University aims to create a non-formal environment where attendees can learn from each other rather than simply listen to lectures and browse through course materials.

    <Learn-Us> is a multi-step program that encourages employees to share their knowledge.

    Employees that participate in the program are not required to share in-depth knowledge, as the goal behind the <Learn-Us> program is to create a social learning environment where NC’s employees can freely share their knowledge even if it is rather basic. <Learn-US> is currently implemented for some functions, and the scope of the program will be expanded further so that all NC executives and employees may freely participate.

    Apart from the <Learn-Us> program, NC University supports various group learning activities when employees with similar goals or interests gather to share their knowledge. NC University plans on enriching existing training programs based on the principle of social learning.

    Helping employees to reach a critical point in their careers

    The concept of a critical point can be seen in many sciences. In physics, there is a critical point when water changes its state—once the temperature rises above 100℃, the water becomes a gas. The concept of a critical point in one’s career is rather similar; once employees reach a critical point in their careers, they are ready to move forward. NC University will further develop training programs, offering professional support to employees when they look for the opportunity to advance or feel like they have reached a dead end in their careers.