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    2023.03.02 Press Release

    ‘What Lies Beneath’ Launches Today in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

    Secrets Beneath the Jade Sea Reveal a New Explorable Area of Cantha

    Beginning today Guild Wars 2 players can experience a new adventure set in Cantha that rejoins the Commander and their allies as Cantha recovers from the events of 2022’s End of Dragons. Titled “What Lies Beneath”, the new content will be free for all players who own the expansion and feature new rewards, new story, and a new map called the Gyala Delve. This location will also feature the map-wide meta event The Jade Crisis.

    ArenaNet released a new trailer today showcasing the update, which you can watch here. For additional screenshots, click here.

    What lurks beneath the surface of the Jade Sea? For a misguided team of Jade Brotherhood miners, the answer may be far more sinister than anticipated. Reports of strange behavior at the dig site draw in the Commander and their allies, who discover the effects of a mysterious illness that could threaten the hard-won stability of Cantha. Players will have to coordinate their efforts in a brand new map-spanning meta event to combat this new threat and ultimately discover the source of the sickness.

    But unnerving insights are not the only thing players can hope to gain from Gyala Delve:  New rewards, including a new Luxon weapon set, a holographic cape, and the Grinning Tahkayun Mask will offer players new and thematic ways to outfit their characters in Canthan style. These, along with several other achievements and weapon skins, can be earned through gameplay. But be warned, reward is rarely possibly without a bit of risk.

    For more information, including to download the core Guild Wars 2 game for free, visit http://www.guildwars2.com.