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    2022.05.04 Lineage Encyclopedia

    Lineage Monster Encyclopedia | Slime


    #Alien type

    Slimes literally mean sticky materials or mucus. They first appeared in the novel “Slime” written by Joseph Payne Brennan and published through the 45th edition of 〈Weird Tales〉, the US magazine, in 1953. The slimes described in the novel are monsters that wander around the bottom of the ocean, and once a living creature appears nearby, they either expand or shrink their sticky body to surround and eat it. Since then, slimes have been depicted as a sticky lump that digests and absorbs all living creatures and lets out a rotten odor.

    Slime in popular culture

    Movie 〈The Blob〉 (1988): The movie 〈The Blob〉 was a remake of the movie 〈Blob〉, released in 1958. One day, an unknown creature falls from the universe and becomes bigger and bigger after eating human beings. The movie features the hard fight of people that try to defeat the monster that cannot be stopped either by guns or by electricity.

    Movie 〈Flubber〉 (1992): “Flubber” is sticky but is soft like rubber and cute. Flubber does not stink and attack people.

    Game 〈Dragon Quest〉: Akira Toriyama鳥山明, writer of 〈DRAGON BALL〉 participated as a character and monster designer and gave life to a slime in the form of a cute water drop.

    Slime in Lineage

    Slimes appearing in Lineage series are in the form of sticky lump as was depicted by Brennan. They crawl around various places on the field and swallow the items dropping from the monsters defeated by players. The items would be digested and disappear after a certain amount of time in case the player does not capture the slime.

    1 〈Lineage W〉 Slime
    2 〈Lineage Remaster〉 Slime
    3 〈Lineage M〉 Slime 

    Slime Locations in Lineage

    〈Lineage Remaster〉: all field

    〈Lineage M〉: all field

    〈Lineage W〉: all field