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    2022.05.19 Lineage Encyclopedia

    Lineage Monster Encyclopedia | Werewolf & Lycanthrope

    Werewolf & Lycanthrope

    #Human type

    In various myths and classical literature, the stories of werewolves and lycanthrope where cursed human beings see their head turn into that of a wolf and become a half-human, half-beast creature (A being that has the characteristics of both human beings and animals. In games, half-human, half- beast creatures like werewolf, Centaurus (whose upper part of the body is that of a human being and lower part is that of a horse), mermaid (whose upper part of the body is that of a female and lower part is that of a fish), and Sphinx (whose head is that of a human being and the body is that of a lion are featured.) when the full moon arises are told. Lycanthropes are believed to indicate werewolves in most cases, but they are used in an even larger contexts, because they turn into animals that are most feared in the region, including wolves and tigers. They walk on two legs like human beings, but their body is entirely covered with hair. They mostly transform when the full moon occurs. Once they are transformed, they lose their consciousness and become extremely violent to eat livestock and human beings.

    Werewolf & Lycanthrope in popular culture

    Game 〈World of Warcraft〉: Werewolves that used to exists only as a monster were added as a tribe to the Alliance faction after Cataclysm, the expansion pack was released.

    Movie 〈The Cabin in the Woods〉 (2012): The movie 〈The Cabin in the Woods〉 is a parody of many clichés of horror and slasher movies and features many creatures including a werewolf. The scene in the later part of the movie where various creatures come out of an elevator to demolish the entire place is a highlight of the movie.

    Animation 〈Love, Death & Robots〉, episode ‘Shape-Shifters’: Decker, a mercenary dispatched to Afghanistan may track down the enemies using their smells and see well even in the night without any moonlight. Also, he always walks on barefoot and may run fast and jump onto a higher place. He can also heal fast from injuries. However, Decker and his colleague Sobieski who is also a werewolf are discriminated by their fellow soldiers, being called as ‘dog’ soldiers.

    Werewolf & Lycanthrope in Lineage

    Players visiting the vineyard in Gludio may meet Regin, the Vineyard Owner, who asks for help to break the curse on his son Timmy that turns into a werewolf.

    1 〈Lineage Remaster〉 Lycanthrope
    2 〈Lineage M〉 Werewolf
    3 〈Lineage W〉 Common Morph Werewolf illustration

    Werewolf & Lycanthrope Locations in Lineage

    〈Lineage Remaster〉: Frost Dungeon, Kent, Silver Knight Village, Gludio, Elven Forest, Training Dungeon, Silver Knight Village, Whispering Isle, Tower of Insolence, Tower of Dominance

    〈Lineage M〉: Gloomy Grove, Silver Knight Village North Forest, Training Dungeon, North Island, Forgotten Island, Tower of Insolence

    〈Lineage W〉: Wheat Field