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    2021.12.06 The Originality

    Diverse Superiorities Channeled into New Possibilities

    The Originality taps into stories of NCSOFT employees working in different parts of the world. They possess diverse experiences and passions that are channeled into new possibilities. Their capabilities and passion for quality are what create new games. Explore their thoughts and values on diversity of experiences.

    < THE ORIGINALITY > Interviews
    • ·   Associate Narrative Director, ArenaNet, Bobby Stein (Link)

    • ·   Localization, NC West, Kieran Brewer (Link)

    • ·   Game Design, ArenaNet, Nicholas Hernandez (Link)

    • ·   Project Manager, NC Vietnam Visual Studio, Jem (Vũ Hà Thanh Hương) (Link)

    • ·   3D Artist, NC Vietnam Visual Studio, Trumph (Đặng Lê Minh Trung) (Link)

    • ·   Co-Producer, Character Production & Marketing, Boyoung Shim (Link)

    • ·   Design Director, Game Design, Jaehan Ko (Link)

    • ·   Front-end Developer, Purple Platform, Hyeongeun Kim (Link)

    • ·   Motion Capture, Visual Capture Studio, Taehyun Kim (Link)

    • ·   Project Manager, Development Management, ChiWon Jeon (Link)